Lesco Bill Calculator

Bill Calculator

Calculating the power cost ahead of time might help you plan for the forthcoming bill payment. If you have an estimate of the number of used units, you may obtain an estimate of the cost of an electrical bill here. The LESCO Bill Calculator below is simple to use; simply enter your units to see the estimated cost of power straight away.

Are you looking for a lesco bill estimator? This is your best option. Lesco’s most recent unite rates for 2022 are available here. This calculator is based on consumed units; enter your units to see your projected bill amount, including any applicable taxes.

This lesco bill calculating script is really quick; you may view the bill per unit immediately after entering a single value. You may also learn about the lesco bill rate per unit and the lesco bill for 300, 400, or any other number of units this way. Please be aware that this is a projected lesco bill; the actual bill amount may differ.

Please go here if you wish to verify your lesco bill or print a duplicate bill copy.

LESCO Bill Tariff:

Here is the LESCO electricity bill tariff for residential connections:

1.Up to 50 Units3.95
2.1 – 100 Units7.74
3.101 – 200 Units10.06
4.201 – 300 Units12.15
5.301 – 70019.55
6.Above 700 Units22.65

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