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If you are looking up for your current electricity bill or even a duplicate copy of the previous lesco bill then you have come to the right place. In this short tutorial, we will show you how to get your lesco wapda bill online by simply entering the reference number mentioned on the top of your electricity bill found on your last lesco wapda samanabad bill.

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Electricity Bill Calculator

To find out how much you’ll be paying for electricity, you can use our online electric bill calculator.

You’ll need to provide your name, address and telephone number. If you want to check your lesco bill by reference number instead of by name, then simply enter your reference number in the box provided below.

lesco bill

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If you have any querry or have complaint about electricity in your area, Feel free to contact LESCO management.


Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) began operations in 1998. LESCO is in charge of supplying and managing electricity to the districts of Lahore, Sheikhupura, Okara, and Kasur.

Here is list of lesco circles:

LESCO Operation Circles

1.North Lahore Circle5 Divisions / 28 Sub Divisions
2.Central Lahore Circle5 Divisions / 31 Sub Divisions
3.Eastern Lahore Circle4 Divisions / 23 Sub Divisions
4.Okara Circle4 Divisions / 23 Sub Divisions
5.South-Eastern LHR Circle4 Divisions /26 Sub Divisions
6.Sheikhupura Circle4 Divisions / 18 Sub Divisions
7.Kasur Circle5 Divisions / 30 Sub Divisions
8.Nankana Circle4 Divisions / 16 Sub Divisions


How to check LESCO Bill?

To check wapda power bill, you must obviously input the reference number or customer id. We’ve made it simple to enter a reference number; simply type the number and our system will manage the input field focus. It is a little annoying on other websites to have to manually assign focus to the second and third input fields, but lescobill.pk has made it easy to input reference number by managing input focus itself. As a result, lescobill.pk has offered the simplest method for checking bills (bill check karne ka asan tarika)!

Lescobill.pk has made it extremely simple to check your lesco power bill online and then download or print a duplicate bill copy for free, and this web generated bill can be utilised to pay bill amount in any bank. Lescobill.pk is simpler to use than www lesco gov pk.

If you check periodically, Lescobill.infowill continue to save your monthly costs. So, if you’re searching for your old bill from Januray 2024, you can find it here (if you had checked your bill last month using lescobill.pk). You may also sign up for bill email service, which will send you your new bill for February March 2024 by email.


Are you looking for pitc lesco bill? Stop looking! If you live in Lahore or the neighbouring areas, use this website to obtain your wapda power bill (bijli ka bill).

Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Peshawar, and other major divisions have their own distribution businesses. If you are unsure of the name of your power distribution company, you can consult this list of electrical distribution firms in Pakistan, and then find your linked business’s billing website to obtain your bill.


How to find Reference Number or Customer ID?

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to locate a reference number or a customer id. Simply select an old bill copy and compare it to the image below. It’s in the upper left corner of your bill, just below “TARIFF.” Please look at the red highlighted regions in the image to easily discover the reference number:

Lesco Bill

There is no need to obtain both (reference number and customer id), since just one value is required to obtain your duplicate lesco wapda bill.

Some individuals refer to the reference number as the consumer number, and the customer id as the consumer id, however there is no consumer number or id on the lesco bill. As a result, you may treat the consumer number/id and the reference number/id interchangeably.

Steps to check LESCO bill online:

  • Visit the webpage of Lesco Bill.
  • Enter the bill reference number or customer id (but not both) and click the ‘Check Bill’ button.
  • The following screen displays your bill amount, due date, issuance date, and so forth.
  • To view the entire bill, click the ‘View Complete Bill’ button.
  • You may print or download your lesco utility bill in full bill view.

LESCO Helpline

If you have any complaints or queries, you can contact LESCO Headquarters by dialling 111-000-118. If the line is always busy, it does not indicate that the receiver has been taken from the line and there is no one to reply, but it does suggest that a large number of customers are attempting to contact you, and it may take some time for you to connect.

If you have a problem with your bill, such as “bill blocked,” or if you need a bill corrected, you can visit a Customer Service Center in your region or call LESCO Headquarters (111-000-118). For new connection / registration, please visit the nearest office.

Understanding LESCO Bill

Let’s look through the key fields on the LESCO wapda bill. Many individuals have questions concerning bill fields such as FPA, CR, and bill relief, therefore we’ve answered the most of them below:

CR stands for:  Credit bill amount. It is the balance amount that may appear on your statement if you paid more than the actual bill amount on your previous bill. As this is an advance payment, it will be deducted from your future bill(s). If your CR is -500, your next bill will be 2000, and the 500 will be deducted from 2000, leaving you with just 1500 to pay.

Deferred Bill: If you see ‘Bill Deferred’ on your lesco energy bill, this indicates you have the option of paying your entire bill amount or deferring your bill, and your current bill amount will be divided into payments and added to the following bills, with no late payment penalties.

PM Relief: During the Coronavirus Pendamic, the government provided relief to lesco and all other electric supply companies by allowing domestic consumers who consume less than 300 units to either pay or not pay their bill, and if they do not pay, it will be divided into instalments and added to subsequent bills without any extra charges. Even business users have received a rebate on their power costs as part of the PM Relief package.

Taxes in LESCO:

FC Surcharge: On June 10, 2015, the Financing Cost (FC-SUR) surcharge was implemented. This fee is applied to consumed units in order to secure the collection of Power Holding Private Limited debt servicing. The FC fee is computed at $0.43 per unit.

GST: stands for General Sales Tax, and it is applied to the cost of power. The GST ratio is now 17 percent.

Lesco Arrears/Age Bill: Arrears refers to the amount that was not paid in the previous bill. This field may appear if you switched your bill to instalments or paid a portion of your bill.


Welcome to the webpage of Lesco Bill. You may check your lesco online bill by Reference Number or Customer ID at lescobill.info. You may examine the bill amount, due date, and payment status, which indicates whether or not your bill has been paid. To view the bill, please enter your reference number or customer id below:

LESCOBILL.INFO is the simplest website for checking your lesco bill online for a home, business, or industrial connection. It works well on all devices (mobile, laptop, and tablet). By entering your reference number, you may search for your bill information for March 2024 and then download or print a copy for free in PDF format.

Lesco Bill

Electricity Bill

If you are looking up for your current electricity bill or even a duplicate copy of the previous lesco bill then you have come to the right place.

If you are looking up for your current electricity bill or even a duplicate copy of the previous lesco bill then you have come to the right place.

You can get your lesco bill online by entering the reference number from your previous month’s electricity bills. 

Find Lesco Wapda Bill Online

To find Lesco Wapda Bill Online, you can use the following methods:

  • Searching by name by entering a name of your choice in the search box.

  • Entering your landline number in the search box.

  • Entering your mobile number in the search box.

You can also find Lesco Wapda Bill using these steps:

Check Lesco Wapda Bill

  • Lesco Wapda Bill Check by Name

  • Lesco Wapda Bill Check by Meter Number

  • Lesco Wapda Bill Check by Address

  • Lesco Wapda Bill Check by Location

Find Lesco Wapda Bill Online

The staff at lesco is available from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Saturday except for public holidays. They can be contacted through call or email for any queries about your lesco electricity bill. 

The staff at lesco is available from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Saturday except for public holidays. They can be contacted through call or email for any queries about your lesco electricity bill.

The staff at lesco also provides information on how to pay your bill, including payment methods and discounts available from time to time.

The staff at lesco will be able to answer any questions you may have about payment dates, discounts and other benefits.

Find Your Lesco Wapda Samanabad Bill Online

To check your Lesco Wapda Samanabad Bill online, you can use the following method:

  • Check your Lesco Wapda Samanabad bill online by entering your name and address on the appropriate fields in the form above. Once you have entered these details, click on “Check My Electricity Bill” option from the top menu bar of this page.

  • After clicking on this button, it will take you to another page where there are several options for checking electricity bills like checking without holding account balance or with holding account balance. You can also find out if any payment was made by clicking on “View Payment History” option available at bottom right corner of this page as well as entering required details such as date range and amount owed in case there was any outstanding amount due from previous months etc.,